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Many managers, often mix up selling and marketing. But, marketing always starts way before anything is sold…and in a sense is not just a precursor, but the essence of any business operation. Sales lead generation is therefore a fundamental aspect of marketing.

To market effectively requires not only time and effort, as well as the necessary funds to support this activity, but a carefully honed strategy, which encompasses all aspects of the marketing process that drives the business.

Business Survival Advisors have the knowledge, experience, expertise and vision to develop streamlined marketing strategies for all types of business operations, from manufacturing, to distribution, and service operations in order to effectively position a clients business and set them apart from their contemporaries.

Marketing strategies always start with the company vision, which then has to be translated into a coherent mission, then subsequently into solid goals and objectives. The business owner is always involved in shaping the outcome and Business Survival Advisors assists in helping to create the roadmap to put the business on a sound footing and winning track.

For business owners it's imperative plans are written down and communicated effectively to everyone in the company...without which, results can become disorganized and often operationally unstable. None of these tasks are easy, however, engaging professionals as Business Survival Advisors can be the difference between success or failure.

Finally, nothing happens until you sell something. And the only clear road to selling is a comprehensive marketing strategy which encompasses every aspect of a company's entire operation. Nothing happens by accident...every action should be carefully planned and executed. Everyone in your company plays a role in marketing, whether they realize it or not...from the people at the front desk all the way up to the corporate office, each play a part of the whole in building a relationship with you clients and customers. The customer is number one, all else is in satisfaction of that goal.

Business SurvivalMarketing and Sales Functions 

  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Lead Generation Management
  • Product Pricing Theory and Practice
  • Advertising and Promotion Development
  • Social Media Strategy and Development
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Public Relations
  • Channel Development Management