Business SurvivalRunning a business is complicated and often frustrating task...and these days very tenuous. Think of the variables which any business operation has to accommodate, from sales to order entry, service and support to product delivery, financial and administrative operation, to marketing and customer support.  Unlike a continuous factory line, where high degree of automation may exist, such as automobile manufacturing, a small to medium sized business does not have the luxury of such automation systems and even worse may have an ineffective process that has grown unwieldy over time.

Business Survival Advisors know a lot about human psychology and what it takes to create and maintain a well run business. To create harmonious staff relationships, reduce or even eliminate unnecessary interactions, and most of all exactly what to do when encountering a complex business challenge that could result in lost sales or worse.

Financial management is a key element of any business, but it's often a burdensome task to many small to medium sized business owners for a variety of reasons. However, if an effective and efficient automated system is in place to regularly and consistently track all operations, thereby enabling corrective critical actions to be implemented, it is possible to maintain increased profitability, reduction of waste and the funding of continuous improvement...by training staff, updating the business, and staying ahead of competition.

Business Survival

Operations Functions

  • Capital Estimation
  • Capital Structure Formation
  • Capital Improvement
  • Determining Funding Source
  • Procurement of Funds
  • Funds Utilization
  • Inventory Management
  • Disposal of Profits or Surplus
  • Cash Management
  • Financial Management
  • Facilities Management