Business SurvivalAs with any endeavor, strategic planning is an essential activity if we are to realize our objectives. Whether building a structure or a business, proper careful planning enables planners, or business owners, to identify all essential elements necessary to meet requirements. Whether it's for satisfying the customer, developing new markets, maintaining harmony of the company staff, or establishing good sound relationships with suppliers...and to become more solvent in the process...all are necessary to ensure success.

Business Survival Advisors spend quality time with clients to ensure that they understand not only how to plan, but can execute and make appropriate changes if things are not working out as planned. Remember, the nature of a plan is to logically think through all tasks to ensure a smooth operation, that are both effective and efficient.

Business Survival Advisors has developed a customer friendly method of planning, that entails methodologies which treats the enterprise holistically. With owner interaction, this produces a streamlined operation that enhances customer satisfaction and results in stability, with increased revenue and profitability.

Business Survival

Strategic Planning Functions

  • Situational Analysis
  • Development of Options
  • Clear Action Plans
  • Management Follow Through
  • Action Verification
  • Management of Change
  • Core Competency Development
  • Industry and Market Dynamics
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Identification of Market Opportunities
  • Customer Wants and Needs definition
  • Trend Analysis
  • Target Markets Identification
  • Determine Critical Success Factors